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Ohio Federal Prisons The state of Ohio has two federal prisons. These facilities house federal inmates who have broken federal laws in Ohio. They have an extensive website with information on visitation and sending gifts and money to inmates housed at one of their facilities. Elkton FCI - 2, male inmates. The reason is that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is the agency who keeps all inmate records for federal prisoners.

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Therefore, someone wanting to find a federal inmate must contact the FOB directly. They do have an extensive website with an inmate locator feature on it and a web page per facility to make it easy for the public to search, find, and visit inmates there. Ohio County Jails Ohio is a big state with 88 counties. Most of those counties have a Sheriff's Office with a local county jail.

These jails hold pretrial detainees, recently arrested suspects and people who were sentenced to less than six months in jail rather than prison. Each jail is managed and operated by the local county law enforcement, and some of them have websites where the public can find out more about them and their jail facilities.

How to Perform an Ohio Jail Inmate Search The process for finding someone in an Ohio jail is different than if they were in state prison. Anyone searching for an inmate in an Ohio jail should contact the local Sheriff's Office in the county where the person was arrested. Some of these agencies do have a website with a list of current residents or inmate search features on them. Ohio Juvenile Detention Centers The Ohio Department of Youth Services runs three juvenile detention centers to hold youth offenders below the age of Their mission is to "provide young people with education, behavioral health care, and other services they need to help them transform their lives.

Peak of ohio mugshots

Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility. Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility.

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  7. Table Chart Juvenile Population in Custody During years Total 59 30 20 24 29 30 Male 59 30 17 23 28 30 Female 0 0 3 1 1 0 Juvenile Population in Custody During years How to Search for Juvenile Detention Center Inmates Juvenile records are sealed and kept private in Ohio until the inmate is 18 then they have the right to apply for expungement of their juvenile records.

    Therefore, searching for an inmate in juvenile detention in Ohio won't be possible. However, family friends and other interested parties can contact the Ohio Department of Youth Services or the facilities directly to inquire about someone in particular.

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    They do supply information on the DYS website about visiting and sending money or gifts. Ohio Private Prisons Ohio contracts with two private prisons in the state. These facilities hold inmates who cannot be served by the state prisons. These facilities are privately owned and operated but overseen and in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Therefore, all inmate records are kept and maintained by that agency and searching for an inmate in an Ohio private prison is that same as finding one in state prison.

    Why are People Incarcerated in Ohio? Approximately 79, people are incarcerated in Ohio currently. About 51, are in state and private prisons, 19, are in local jails, 5, are in federal prison, and 2, are in juvenile detention. Most people in prison in Ohio are there because of violent crime, including murder, rape, and assault.

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    After that, the most popular reason is property crimes, followed by larceny and arson. Due to the number of inmates in the state, Ohio has an extensive reentry program which includes moving inmates to halfway houses pre-release and post-release to ensure they have the support they need for addictions, mental health issues, job placement and successful reintegration back into society. Ohio also has a vast parole system through community corrections.

    When an inmate is released early due to good behavior, and they do not pose a risk to society, the parole board may grant them parole.

    Parole is a supervisory program where the parolee must check in regularly with their parole officer and complete other tasks, or they risk going back to prison. Probation is a privilege for low-risk offenders. If an Ohio judge determines that an offender is not a danger to others, he or she may order probation instead of prison. Probation is also a supervisory program which includes strict rules and check-ins with a probation officer. Sometimes drug tests are ordered.

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    If the probationer violates any of these court-ordered rules, they will immediately go to prison. Last Name:. City optional :. Hence, the users would be responsible for the usage of information. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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