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Like, they only know that they were at the p. It might be possible if we spent hundreds of man-hours combing through social media, interviewing people at the movie theater, and revisiting the movie theater every night for the following few weeks in the hope that the person would show up again. For whatever reason, some people think there is some magical way that private investigators find someone.

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The reality is that it takes some skill, investigative tools and a little bit of know-how. What type of information is valuable? There are a couple of things to consider here. First, anyone can use the do-it-yourself approach.

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We have a number of resources on this website that can help you. There are also a number of consumer-based online databases out there such as Intelius or PeopleSmart that may be able to help you. Spend as much time as you want. But if you get to a point where you are stuck and need to hire a professional, there are a couple of things to consider. Fees vary widely between private investigators and range from a few hundred dollars to possibly thousands of dollars more about our fees here.

In some cases, there is a reason that you need to find out where the person is physically. It may be to serve papers, or to prove they are violating some sort of court order. In other cases, there may be a need for just a phone number or mailing address. Either way, these are very different scenarios — one requires some legwork, while the other can be done behind the computer.

How to Find a Missing Person - List of the Best Search Resources

We just wrapped up a case in which it took us more than one and a half years to find a person. Yes, you read that right. One and a half years. The person that we were looking for had a really common name, making it challenging to find him. But, we knew the general vicinity of where he had lived and that he was in the U. So, we ended up sending nearly 50 requests to verify his military service, and after a year and a half, we got the response we were looking for. Each case has its own unique challenges. Some cases are more complex than others are.

Common names, lack of information, or historic information all change the complexity of the case. But it depends on why you are looking for the person, how much information you have, how much you are willing to spend, if you need to physically find them, and how patient you are.

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Enjoyed What You Read? Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with what Hal Humphreys, from Pursuit Magazine, believes to be one of the absolute best blogs in the investigative industry! Love the article, Brian. Everyone is findable, eventually. Licensed, bonded, insured. Free initial consultation. Investigators search unlisted phone numbers, cell phone records, non-published addresses and more.

Find people, witness search and people locator services. The Corpra Group Inc. Gruppo S. All reports are submitted in English. We have a powerful search engine to help you find private investigators, forensic experts, and legal information specialists around the world. You can search by area code, zip code, city, state, country, and more!

Variety of People Search Cases

We offer process service, surveillance, DNA testing, witness location, etc. Opperman Investigations, Inc.

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Use unique, legal methods to find information. I retired with the Kentucky State Police in I have 22 years law enforcement expierence in Kentucky and was a detective for the last 14 years for the Kentucky State Police , twelve years in the Special Investigations Branch working goverment coruption and white collar crime cases.

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I have conducted hundreds of covert investigations and surveillances with successful conclusions. Richard P. Specializes in "Hard To Get Info".