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  1. Report: Kawhi Leonard's sister accused of murder - Reuters
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Iverson quickly became one of the NBA's must-see spectacles. Barely 6 feet tall, he blew past defenders with his blinding speed and fearlessly attacked the much larger players guarding the basket. With an average of He also became one of the league's most polarizing players. Critics pointed to his missed shots and turnovers, and wondered why, as a point guard, he wasn't passing the ball to his teammates.

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To some, he became a symbol of everything that was wrong with the NBA, his selfish play marking the demise of fundamental basketball, and his tattoos and cornrows celebrating its proliferation of street culture. Iverson embraced that image by releasing the rap single "40 Bars" in , and bolstered it with his arrests in , on misdemeanor marijuana and gun charges, and in , on more serious gun charges that were eventually dropped.

Report: Kawhi Leonard's sister accused of murder - Reuters

But there was no denying the breathtaking talent. Iverson led the league in scoring for the first time in , and earned his first All-Star selection the following year. Having moved to the shooting guard position, he averaged an NBA-best At the end of the year, he signed a lifetime contract with Reebok. Iverson continued to both amaze and frustrate his fans. He led the league in scoring and steals for the second consecutive season in , before concluding the campaign with a famous rant in which he seemingly mocked the importance of practice.

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  • Top 10 NBA Players Who Have Been Arrested Or Jailed.
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He won another scoring title in and averaged a career-best He briefly joined the Memphis Grizzlies before returning to Philadelphia in January , and played in what would be his final NBA game the following month. An time All-Star over his 14 seasons, he led the league in scoring four times and steals three times, and finished with an impressive average of That means the players are not spread thin with interview demands, and we have better chances to get one-on-one time with them for deeper conversations.

I see him as a nightly 20 minutes off the bench guy. This question came the morning before Paschall erupted for 34 points and 13 rebounds on his 23rd birthday.

The Biggest Criminal Records in the NBA

Willie is coming along. While other players got their conditioning up and began their understanding of the schemes, he had to sit and watch. He has had flashes of exciting play, with some lobs and dunks. The Warriors always demand a strong defensive presence, so more rim protection and rebounding would be helpful.

10 Former Professional Athletes Currently Serving Time

How are fans feeling? Via instagram, sasutherland1: What is the vibe of the new stadium and how does it compare to Oracle? The atmosphere so far is loud and engaged. It reminds him of the old, less-prosperous seasons at Oracle where fans appreciate the game and want to build up the guys with love.

Dugstreet Where is your favorite place to eat at Chase Center so far?


Thank you Kerith. I like the chicken sandwiches at Bakesale Betty, and Tacolicious is a favorite of mine, at Chase or around town. I mostly eat in the media room where I can grab a salad. Click right here for a list of the Chase Center food options. Lots of yummy choices! Via instagram, mass. Via instagram, spindrome: Where are you going for your next big vacay? My next holiday will be All-Star Break. My husband and I like to get away to a beach when we have time together.

I'm tired of reading about "All of the no-names on the court". All of the Warriors have names, they're just not household names YET.

This was the second time that Telfair had trouble with guns, as he was caught with a loaded gun in a pillowcase back on the team plane when he was with the Portland Trail Blazers and struggling to get playing time. Ben Wallace was yet another NBA player who ended up in handcuffs during the lockout prior to this season.

Last September, Wallace was pulled over for suspicions of drunken driving when the police discovered a concealed weapon.

For the charges, Wallace was forced to pay fines, undergo 30 hours of community service and a year of probation. It seems to be a long time since anybody even mentioned Jason Kidd's arrest from back in , but it was a pretty serious conviction back in the day. The ironic thing is that six years later when the two divorced, Kidd filed a restraining order against his wife, alleging that she was abusing him at that point in their relationship. When Delonte West isn't playing stellar defense and draining the stray shot here and there he's milling around being an all-around interesting person.

DeShawn Stevenson has been arrested a few times in his NBA career, once early in his life and once more recently. As a young guard for the Utah Jazz, DeShawn Stevenson was accused and convicted of the statutory rape of a year-old girl when he was Stevenson was convicted and served community service for a case that was changed from a felony to a misdemeanor. More recently, and more forgivingly, Stevenson was picked up for public intoxication.

When was it he was picked up? You guessed it, just two days after the Dallas Mavericks won their first championship in June.