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The property assessor determines the appraised value and the assessment ratio. Determine property tax bill.


Jefferson County does not accept return receipts by mail. The new tax statement has a portion to be kept with your canceled check which will serve as a receipt. If a receipt is needed, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment. You may also print your payment information from this website. The State of Tennessee has a tax relief program for the elderly, disabled, or disabled veterans.

County Trustee

As a courtesy, we try to maintain transfers of property throughout the year and notify the new owner. If you have not received a tax statement by November 1, please contact us at Deeds are recorded in the Register of Deeds office. The Property Assessor is responsible for preparing the tax roll and determining who owns the property as of January 1. Mobile homes are taxed as an improvement on the land where it is located.

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The mobile home park owner may pass the tax bill for the mobile home to the homeowner. This depends on the agreement between the park owner and the homeowner. The county assessor is responsible for the appraisal and assessment of property, according to state law.

Per State Law, the trustee has no authority over the amount of assessment and cannot be involved in the appraisal process. A tax sale is an auction of parcels of property that have delinquent taxes. On April 1 of each year, the county trustee by law files unpaid real property taxes that were due by February 28 the year before with the Chancery Court.

All tax sales are handled by the Clerk and Master of Jefferson County. Zoning Building Chamber of Commerce. Jefferson County, TN does not discriminate based on race, color or national origin in federal or state-sponsored programs, pursuant to the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 42 U. C d.

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! The trustee receives and disburses county funds, keeping accurate records for each transaction. The trustee must maintain a permanent record of every check written by each department.

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The trustee files monthly and annual financial reports. A third important function of the county trustee is managing the cash flow of the county and investing idle cash funds. The primary purpose of investing idle cash funds is to reduce the burden on the taxpayers. Investments must be made according to state law. Pay Property Taxes. When are property tax bills mailed? What time of year are property taxes due? Taxes are due and payable from October 1 through February Are partial payments accepted for my taxes? Yes, but only for current year taxes.

What happens if I miss the tax payment deadline? What time period do taxes cover? Learn more. The market temperature is based on three metrics: the list-to-sale price ratio, the prevalence of price cuts on home listings, and time-on-market.

Property Records Search | Jefferson County, CO

It provides information on the current balance of bargaining power between buyers and sellers in this region relative to that balance historically, enabling buyers and sellers to see trends in their local housing market temperature. Jefferson County home values have gone up 4.

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Foreclosures will be a factor impacting home values in the next several years. In Jefferson County 0.

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This is lower than the national value of 1. Mortgage delinquency is the first step in the foreclosure process. This is when a homeowner fails to make a mortgage payment.

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The percent of delinquent mortgages in Jefferson County is 1. With U. The percent of Jefferson County homeowners underwater on their mortgage is 6.