How to find people on mafia wars

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  3. I met a man playing Mafia Wars online, and followed him to Australia
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If not, you can always find people to add or you can purchase extra mafia members with your reward points. One stat you want to make sure to upgrade more than anything else is Energy. The more Energy you have the more jobs you can complete. The more jobs you can complete the faster you will gain Experience Exp. The faster you gain Experience the quicker you can level up.

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To fight people you need Stamina. Stamina is probably the second most important stat to level up, at least in the beginning. While most jobs require several Energy to complete, you only need 1 Stamina to fight somebody.

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After you use up all of your Energy and are waiting for it to refill you may as well fight to gain Exp. You can also find some cool items and weapons this way. Just like in real life, when fighting, it is easiest to fight somebody way weaker than you.

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  5. After all, you are using a Stamina to fight, so why risk losing? The easiest way to accomplish this is to fight someone whose mafia size is half that of yours. For example, my mafia size is currently 48, so I stick to fighting people with a mafia size of 20 or less.

    Mafia Wars: All Fun, None of the Bodies

    Keeping your on-hand cash to a minimum helps keep robbery to a minimum. If you want to put the above advice into motion effectively and mostly automatically then you can check out userscripts. In order to use scripts from userscripts. As the family accumulates wealth, the boss should make sure each member has weapons, vehicles, etc. Get the Best Weapons! This will help you in defense and gain more attack points too.

    I met a man playing Mafia Wars online, and followed him to Australia

    They will come handy during times of emergencies. Select the Manic Class! In the Mafia Wars, energy is much valuable than money. Energy allows you to do missions, whereas money will not. This is a common mistake many players make when starting out. Use your Experience Points on Energy! Do not waste your points around on Godfather points or any other useless items. That can be done in the later part of the game, however for present situation, it will only slow you down.

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    What are the skills to Dominate Mafia Wars? Do jobs and help your family with their jobs. Invest in property for a steady stream of income. Get into fights and target players on the hit list. What are the characteristics of the Mafia Wars characters? Maniacs recover energy quickly and are better equipped for doing jobs.

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    Mafia Wars Strategy Guide - Dominate Mafia Wars

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    Step 2: Rules

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    Mafia Wars - Wikipedia

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    I need fully cancel the chat on MW but how? Comment by Eve August 28, Reply. Comment by Dana Smith July 29, Reply. What you need is Don Payback on your team cause he knows everything about your game and has even predicted many of the game changes alerts us so we are usually not always but almost always a step ahead of you, but please think before you create the next big so called evolution in your game… Meow The Kitten Club!!!

    Comment by Brenda Jones July 29, Reply. I keep trying to jopin a family. I get an invite to the family and then I get a message that the family is full. Comment by pat June 14, Reply. I have the same problem , i get invited to join a family which i would like to do however everytime i accept it says that the family is full…whats up with that…. Comment by Billy Zane June 15, Reply.

    Same here. Comment by Anders Weien July 7, Reply. Comment by Monika Buettner July 16, Reply. Comment by Suzette King August 9, Reply. Well, so far it seems to be working fine for our clan SDA , tho it is too early to tell for sure. We were fortunate that our GM was able to register our tag. Easy peasy, as long as someone in your clan gets the tag in the first place. Second, leaving a group is also easy.

    On your family page, there will be a red X to the left of your name — click on it to leave the family. As several have pointed out, running a clan is a lot of work, and many clans seem to share those duties. I hope someone involved in the discussions with Zynga can and will make this suggestion. Comment by Melissa June 11, Reply. I just cannot find the option.