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The ‘Remarkable Content Strategy’ (one of the absolute best ways to attract targeted new readers)
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  2. How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There
  4. How To Promote Your Blog In The Complete Beginner's Guide

But be careful not to use too many tags — less than 15 tags or categories or both is a good number. The more tags you use, the less likely your post will be featured in the Reader. Read more on tagging.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

Build your traffic in smart ways. SEO and traffic go hand-in-hand: the more people who visit your site, the higher your site will rank in search results. Luckily, WordPress.

Then, subscribe to these sites and get to know them a bit. When you read a post that moves you in some way, leave a comment. Blogging is all about engaging with others and interacting in online discussions. When you link to a blog post, the blogger will likely find your blog through their stats or a pingback , and come to see what you had to say. Use features like Publicize to alert your various social networks to your new content.

Set it up to automatically share your new blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, so your current customers and fans never miss an update. If you have a Premium or Business plan , you can also use the Publicize feature to re-share your content an unlimited number of times. You can find more ideas in our Social Tools support pages.

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Encourage friends and family to read your blog: send them reminder emails when you update and talk to them about it when you meet in person. Better still, encourage them to sign up for updates using the Follow Blog Widget. Having a small audience of people you care about is better than having a million visitors and not knowing any of them. This approach works if used very sparingly, maybe once a month per blogger. Building a sizable audience of engaged and loyal readers takes time.

  • 14 Ways To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention.
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  • 14 Ways To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention;

Blogging Branding and Growth is a two-week course focused on growing your blog and online presence. Paying someone to push more traffic to your site or blog is risky. Bots are programs designed to emulate human behavior and artificially increase site traffic.

Increased bot traffic can get you penalized in search engines and advertising programs. Different plans will unlock additional tools you can use to optimize your site and drive more traffic to it. In most cases, guest bloggers will also help you promote the content they wrote. They will share it on their social networks, and you will get additional exposure.

Attend conferences and networking events. Be sure to have a quick elevator pitch about your blog when they ask you what you do. Check out Lanyrd resource to discover conferences and connect with attending people. Working with other bloggers is always a right choice. While networking is all about making new connections and forming relationships with other bloggers, collaboration is the result of networking. Therefore, once you establish solid connections, make sure you work on collaborating with authority bloggers, as it will help you go way beyond your potential.

When you join forces with like-minded people, you can achieve so much more than if you were working on your own. Apart from guest posting, you can work together on various group projects, such as writing an eBook, where several bloggers will make equal contributions. Having an ongoing collaboration with influential bloggers can go a long way, so you should use it to its full potential. You can organize and host your own events. It could be a local or an online event. Events like this will help you to network with people, build new relationships and give you and your new website more exposure.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There

But, how can you tell if your blog is successful or not? To improve, you need to have a clear insight into your performance. Setup Google Analytics to track your visitors, where they come from and top content pages on your website. Traffic is important. Our colleagues at Edudemic wrote an excellent article on how to get the most out of Twitter. Whenever you can, mention a person or a business in your tweets.


Chances are that the person will notice that, thank you for mentioning them and maybe even retweet you. Create a Facebook page, fill in the details about your website and start publishing articles on this huge social network. Facebook is huge and there is practically a group for everything. There are public and private groups you can join. If you are running dogs related blog, a Facebook group of dog lovers with more than , followers is a perfect place for you:.

How To Promote Your Blog In The Complete Beginner's Guide

Simply find communities link in the main navigational pane, and start searching for a topic. There will be different communities you can join and most of them will allow you to be a full part member from the start. Reddit is a huge community which allows you to discuss literally everything.

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  3. Smart Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Google Or SEO.
  4. You can share links, text and it also serves as a news aggregation site. While it is really easy to create an account and publish your link, be careful. Reddit moderators are really sensitive about self-promotion. You can find great tips and tricks which will help you get started with Reddit on Hongkiat. While you can get much traffic just by participating in subreddits for free, Reddit offers quite a nice advertising program for you.

    Take some time while writing a title and keep in mind that Reddit users like stories, and not the ads themselves. For just several dollars, you can easily get hundreds of new visitors through Reddit ads. Imgur is an online sharing community which allows anyone to upload their images. First of all, the moment after you create a new account, go to your profile settings and add your URL in the description. After that, start working on your images — the more you care about images, the more users will respond to them. And that means getting likes and comments where you can talk about your site and your brand.

    Then, you can post a new image to your profile which may interest people into reading the entire article. For example, here is how we modify content that we post on our blog for our Instagram account. Pinterest is a network which allows you to share stories by pinning images and videos on different boards. Those boards act as groups which can be seen by people who liked them. Unfortunately, Pinterest takes a bit more effort than aforementioned social networks because if you want to stand out, you will have to be creative.

    Instead of simply sharing a link, you will need to create the entire graphic which will represent your article. If you write a lot and for a long time, you may want to consider republishing your old articles to social networks. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network which connects people all over the world. Just like the other social networks, LinkedIn allows you to participate in groups. Mix is a unique discovery network which allows you to stumble upon a new content of interest. It is easy to create an account and set up everything, add interests and submit links.

    Once you choose a category, you can post an article to it while all the other users may get your site loaded on their screens. ViralContentBee is an interesting web-based platform that contents people and their content. By sharing articles posted by others, you get points which you may use for your own promotion. Once you accumulate a decent number of points, you can start publishing your own articles. Tweepi is an online service which allows you to easily manage your Twitter profile. It will show you details about your account and your followers, and more importantly, it will allow you to follow and unfollow people from your Twitter account.

    Buffer is a service that allows you to automate the process of publishing new posts on Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networks. You can schedule posts for several days in advance. By doing this, you can control when each post is being published so that you can target your audience all across the globe at the right time. Practically everything you write about can have a video attached to it. Depending on the quality of your videos, you might easily get hundreds if not thousands of new clicks just through YouTube.

    These 10 things can help you with publishing your first Youtube video that will become popular. Alltop is a popular news aggregation site which displays news for practically every niche you can imagine. If you fulfill their requirements, you can get your site featured within a category of choice which means that your new articles will automatically get published on Alltop pages.

    Although this service might help you with attracting new visitors, make sure that you check all of the requirements before submitting a link because the moderators are very strict with their rules. If you provide an incomplete link, you can practically forget about Alltop once and for all. Blogarama features hundreds of thousands of blogs scattered through different categories.

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