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Sarah Landrum , Does your name automatically change when you get married? No, there are steps you have to take. If you're wondering, how do I change my name on my Social Security card, you will need the following: Your marriage certificate. Note: This is different than your marriage license! An application for a Social Security Card.

Arizona Drivers License Name Change Tips |

You can pick this up at your local office or print it out from your home computer. Your updated social security card. Proof of residence — one or two pieces of mail or bills that are less than 60 days old that include your name and address.

Step 3B: Change Your Name On Your Passport If you have a passport you use to travel , now would be the time to change your information on that as well. For both of these forms, you will also need to submit: Your current passport. Your original marriage license or a certified copy.

State Organizations

Again, make sure it has that embossed seal from the court where you received it, or it will not be accepted. A color passport photo. Step 5: Change Your Name On Everything Else This is the fun part — figuring out everywhere else where you will need to submit copies of your marriage certificate in order to change or update your name.

This will vary depending on your own personal needs, but, in general, you will probably need to change your name on: Bank accounts — check with your bank to find out what it needs.

Most will only need to see or receive a copy of your marriage license and your updated social security card to update your information. Credit card accounts — similar to banks.

Any student loans should also fall under this category. Mortgage or lease — make sure your bank or landlord is aware of your name change.

How to Change Your Name on a Driver's License or State ID Card

Utility bills — again, you will probably just need to submit a copy of your marriage license to get these changed to your new married name. Insurance — your homeowner's insurance, auto insurance and health insurance will all need to be updated with your new name. Sign up! Balanced , Do not mail the completed application to the Clerks Office.

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Jackson St. Javelina Dr. Tierra Buena Lane, Surprise. The DS form may also be downloaded from www. Renewals in person are made using the DS standard form. Please bring your passport, one new photo, and your current ID. Fees for renewals in person are the same as for first time applicants. You may visit the www. A person who obtained a passport as a minor, but is now an adult, may not renew their passport.

They must apply for a new passport. If they are under 16 years old, they must also have their birth certificate showing both parents' names. A passport was already required for all international air travel. For full complete details, please visit www. Take your new Social Security card to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new license with your new last name.

You should also bring any other form of identification with you, including your old license and your marriage license. Another important step is to change your name at your bank.

Change Your Name with the SSA

Bring your new driver's license and your marriage license. You should request new credit and debit cards, along with new checks that reflect your new last name.

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Each bank varies with their fees for reissuing a new card or checkbook. If you are seeking information on how to change your child's name within one year of birth, or to add a child's name to his or her birth record within five years of birth, visit the Arizona Office of Vita Records.

How to Change the Name on an Arizona Car Registration

If your child is older than five, the procedure is similar to changing an adult's name. Again, make sure you make two copies of the application and that you check box for "Change of Name" on page two. If the child is 14 years or older, they must sign a notarized consent to the name change request, or attend the hearing. If the other parent or parents agree with your request, give them a stamped copy of your application and the notice for the change that shows the details of your hearing.